Long Term Effects of Drug Abuse

Drugs take a toll on our body and they do so fairly quickly for many people who battle long addictions. Whether it is heroin, prescription drugs, alcohol, methamphetamines, or another type of drug, it takes its toll on a person and their body causing both short and long term effects. Most people are well aware of the short term effects of drug abuse, which range from changes in mood and behavior to disturbances with family. But many people do not know the long term effects of drug abuse.

Drug and alcohol abuse both lower the body’s immune system. This makes the person more prone to a variety of types of illnesses. They often deal with more colds over the year than the average person. Aside from a lowered immune system, a person dealing with a substance abuse problem also creates problems for the heart. The cardiac problems that evolve when a person has cardiac problems can be deadly. There is also a risk of liver failure. People that abuse drugs often have more health problems and sickness than people who do not use drugs. Mental illness is also associated with long-term drug use and abuse.

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The best way to ensure the problems above and the many others associated with drug addiction do not affect your life or that of a person that you love who is dealing with this problem is with the help offered from a rehabilitation center. With the help of professionals, substance abuse treatment liberty hill can help people who want to make a recovery and get back their health. It is possible to make a recovery from drugs and/or alcohol when you are ready to turn the page in your life. People do it every single day and it is time to add your name to that list.