Advancements In Medical Technology

The world of Star Trek is quickly becoming a reality.  We have medical scanners, hypo sprays and even e prescribing software that will allow us to send information to our pharmacies quickly increasing the overall turnaround time allowing us to get what we need.

e prescribing software

Rapid testing

When we are sick, we need to know what it is that is causing us to become sick and start the process of getting better.  With rapid testing we are now able to get a sample of blood or other core material and with this technology get results within a few minutes to a few hours.  With this ability we are now able to diagnose problems quicker and get people feeling better.

Less invasive

With new medical technology we are creating procedures that are less invasive.  What used to be large incisions, long recovery times and increased physical therapy, the increase in medical technology has allowed people to recover in hours and days compared to weeks and months.

Medical side effects

With technology increasing the side effects that we once suffered from are greatly reduced.  Infections from procedures are almost eliminated and pain and suffering are almost non-existent.  These advancements are also paving the way for new innovations, new procedures and different options for treatments.

The future is bright

With technology increasing on a regular basis innovation are taking advantage of this technology.  They are looking at different problems that were unsolved in the past and finding new solutions to them may not have been possible without this innovation.  With technology we are now building a bigger and brighter world.